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ECG Telerehabilitation

It is the most technologically advanced component of the Silvermedia telecardiology system, unique in Poland and in Europe.

Remote cardio rehabilitation is useful for patients after heart surgeries and with other serious cardiovascular conditions.


It is an extremely convenient solution as patients are no longer forced to stay in hospital for a long time after the treatment and then come there regularly to perform exercises. In the past, this posed a problem especially for the elderly and disabled or those who lived far away from the hospital. 
Owing to remote heart monitoring, patients can now perform exercises at home. They are given small devices which they hold in their hands. This enables remote monitoring of the heart rate, weight and blood pressure. Doctors can also recommend exercises and supervise how they are performed. Since data are sent instantly over the Internet, time and distance are of no importance.


Telerehabilitation is profitable for all the parties. Patients can perform exercises at home, there are more free beds in hospitals, and doctors have a modern device to work with. 
Since remote treatment is cheaper than the traditional one, public health care funds can be spent more effectively.