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Scientific clusters

The development of the society depends on effective cooperation between science and business. These two branches are integrated by scientific clusters, which provide patronage for R&D projects and facilitate the implementation of solutions in the market.  

This is especially vital in the field of medicine. With ageing population and limited healthcare funds, healthcare services must become information-based as soon as possible. In order to meet demographic challenges, the implementation of telemedicine solutions needs to be enhanced.

To tackle this challenge, Silvermedia actively partners with major scientific clusters and centres supporting the transfer of technology to business in Poland:


The cluster was created in 2006 as an initiative of companies and institutions from Małopolska. Their common goal was to enhance innovation in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceutics, medicine, and food production.  

The aim of the cluster is to make better use of scientific, cultural and economic resources of the region.It supports the cooperation between enterprises and research units.

In January 2013, the cluster was transformed into a foundation. Silvermedia is one of its five major sponsors.


This is the only cluster in the field of healthcare in Poland. By initiating cooperation between enterprises, it facilitates the development of South-East Poland. 

A team of specialists from Poland and abroad helps to implement state-of-the-art technologies and encourages cooperation with international research units.


EDCA is an international organisation supporting the development of medical diagnostics by building up a cooperation network of major European centres. The organisation also supports the activities of its partners outside the European Union, especially in Asia. Its main area of interest are common R&D projects. One of EDCA’s founders is the LifeScience Cluster.


Kraków Technology Park

Established in 1997,  KTP facilitates the technological development of Małopolska, promotes innovation and state-of-the-art technologies, creates the right atmosphere for business, and supports academic projects.

Owing to the projects run by KTP, it is possible for companies to obtain funds for innovative undertakings from the KTP Seed Fund. Companies are provided with free-of-charge consultancy services as well as training on business management and technology.