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eAllergy Survey Platform


According to the Polish Society of Allergology, as many as 40% of Poles suffer from different kinds of allergies. Unfortunately, a lot of us are not aware of this in spite of the fact that allergy can lead to asthma and chronic lung diseases.

In order to improve this situation, the Polish Society of Allergology decided to create a survey aiming at early detection of the danger of developing asthma or allergy.


Silvermedia was asked to create the platform. The main challenge of the project was the creation of algorithms which would enable the evaluation of the risk of developing allergic diseases. The project required a combination of IT and medical statistics as well as close cooperation with world-class medical professionals.

Silvermedia’s task consisted in translating over a thousand of variables analysed by clinicians during interviews with patients into a survey made up of a dozen of questions. 

The survey has been made available on-line. Those who suspect they might suffer from an allergy can spend a few minutes filling it in  to learn whether they should consult a doctor regarding their condition.

The survey is available here: http://eallergy.silvermedia.pl/


It is the first initiative in Poland which offers large-scale support for the diagnosis of allergies, a condition affecting almost 15 million Poles. 

Now, the project is being implemented. A second version of the platform is also being developed. It will not only inform about the risk of developing asthma or allergies, but also point to a particular type of the disease.