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Health Prevention Platform

Silvermedic platform makes the performance of medical check-ups fully information-based. Owing to the support of IT tools, examinations can be conducted on a mass scale with a minimum unit cost. 

Information is collected via web applications or user-friendly mobile devices. The information gathered is used not only to help patients who report health problems but also for scientific research.


  • Screening Program Platform: A central data management system
  • Health Record: An electronic medical report where all the data related to a patient are stored
  • Mobile Suite: It transmits data from the platform to mobile devices, such as laptops and tablets
  • Telemedicine Diagnostics: It coordinates the tasks of clinicians and technicians and is in charge of appointment dates
  • Health Intelligence: It analyses data for scientific research
  • Surveo Map: It develops surveys and questionnaires needed for check-ups conducted outside the hospital setting


One of the main advantages of our platform is the fact that it can be used on a large scale. Thanks to the use of the Internet, tests can be conducted outside a specialist medical centre. Prevention tests can be carried out by patients themselves (e.g. by completing an on-line survey) or by a trained worker (with the help of a user-friendly portable device).


Since the project is information-based, the number of the clinicians involved decreases and the quality of examinations remains high. Test results are entered into the system which distributes them to specialists. Clinicians obtain a description which enables them to detect abnormalities in a patients’ condition and refer them to the dedicated treatment. 


Mobile devices constitute a crucial part of the health prevention platform. They support clinicians at the stage of data collection (e.g. a tablet which is equipped with certified medical software and is connected to a hearing assessment device). Then, mobile devices can be used to send data safely over the Internet.

For each project, we develop a number of original applications which make medical test results available via tablets and smartphones. This gives an opportunity to diagnose tests over the Internet from any place in the world.