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Our team

The Silvermedia’s team is made up of more than 70 enthusiasts of IT, robotics and biocybernetics. Its hard core is a group of young scientists working on innovative R&D projects.

The team is headed by experts with a passion for telemedicine: Ireneusz Wochlik DSc Eng and Jarosław Bułka DSc Eng. For nearly 20 years they have been conducting research in biomedical engineering, creating an impressive portfolio of around 60 scientific publications and papers presented at the most prestigious global biomedical conferences. 


Ireneusz Wochlik DSc Eng, President of the Board Dr Wochlik has a degree in biocybernetics but his actual passion is developing unique, custom-tailored solutions. His co-authored the concept to combine hearing and heart screening. This idea has resulted in expanding the range and improving the effectiveness of prevention programmes. It has also enabled doctors to focus on searching for health connections linking audiology and cardiology.

Dr Wochlik originated the idea of a large telemedicine platform known as Silvermedic, which is used to remotely analyse and monitor biomedical signals such as  ECG, pressure, breathing, temperature and ABR test results. The system also registers other body parameters such as weight or height. 

Dr Wochlik is affiliated with AGH University of Science and Technology. Since 1997 he has been working as an assistant professor at the Department of Biocybernetics. He held the office of rector’s plenipotentiary, responsible for the quality of education, at the Multidisciplinary School of Engineering in Biomedicine, the cradle of future bioengineers. He has presented the results of his scientific work in many publications delivered at international conferences on telemedicine. 
Dr Wochlik uses his experiences in the area of ECG and EEG analysis to launch telemedicine projects in such fields as cardiology, audiology, allergology, neurology, pulmonology and oncology.

Jarosław Bułka DSc Eng, Deputy President of the Board
Dr Bułka is one of the most distinguished developers of telemedicine systems in Poland and abroad. Dr Bułka is affiliated with AGH University of Science and Technology, where he is currently working as an associate professor. He also holds the post of the Secretary of the Accreditation Board of Technical Universities, responsible for the quality of education offered to the Polish students of technical universities. 
Dr Bułka is also an expert of the Innovation Centre of Kraków Technology Park and a member of the Board of the LifeScience Cluster in Kraków.
He is an author of more than 50 publications on telemedicine, processing of biomedical signals and the use of neural networks in medical diagnostics. 
In Silvermedia, he initiates projects to promote the integration of science and business such as  cardiology and audiology screening platforms and schemes aimed at developing algorithms assessing the risk of asthma and allergy incide