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Remote ECG Interpretation

Thanks to Silvermedia’s solutions, clinicians can interpret test results over the Internet, from any place and any computer.


We have developed a special web viewer for ECG test results. It is the first viewer in Poland which displays the whole ECG graph as a function and not as an image. It constitutes a breakthrough in ECG diagnostics as previously it was only possible to send test results as a PDF file or other image files. Data sent in such formats were often unreadable and prevented an efficient diagnosis.

Now, multiple clinicians can view the ECG simultaneously in a specially designed and medically certified web application Silvermedic CardioWebViewer. It allows to scale and dimension the curve and to remove noise from the ECG signal.


Remote ECG interpreting service provides access to clinicians for people living far away from specialist centres.An ECG test can be performed at any place by a GP or cardiologist who then send the results over the Internet to an expert specialising in ECG data interpretation. 

As a result, clinicians living in different towns or countries can view test results in real-time and consult other doctors in order to choose the most effective way of treatment.